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The King ya a la venta

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king element


El módulo The King para el tablero Millennium Exclusive ha salido a la venta esta semana. Hemos recibido desde la web de Millennium el siguiente mail con la información sobre la venta del módulo y también de la edición especial Lasker.

Transcribimos el mail en inglés a continuación:

The KING is coming to town, you better watch out!

Finally it's time! The new King module has landed in Germany, the goods on their way to your dealers. We thank you for your patience and waiting and promise you that it was worth it. In addition to the very appealing case with real wood frame, the software "The King" by Johan de Koning has been implemented in a new version for the King Element, which many chess computer fans are still familiar with from the TASC R30 computers. The software is extremely popular in the scene as it cultivates a very active, risk-taking and sometimes spectacular playing style.

For all those who "always wanted to have a king" and appreciate the special things in life: The German Chess Federation currently offers the special edition "The King Lasker Edition Exclusive", limited to 150 pieces, which combines the new King module with the Exclusive chessboard with piece recognition in one set with special packaging, engraved serial number, edition badge and Lasker booklet from the DSB. It pays to be quick!

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